Employment Opportunities

Sales Representatives Needed

In our current expansion period we are looking for some skilled professionals to join our team. Qualified individuals will actively pursue the acquisition of events, golf tournaments, conventions, trade shows, etc.

We need commissioned and hourly sales personnel.

Hourly sales is working the table at various events putting photos in folders or selling photos from our viewing stations.

Commissioned sales will involve the acquisition of new clients and booking their events. These events can be anything from a family portrait, wedding, golf tournament, corporate event, youth sports, etc. Just about anything goes!

We also need independent photographers and videographers periodically. You must have your own equipment, have a professional demeanor and appearance, good communication skills, trustworthy, reliable transportation, and can be counted on no matter what.

Photographers Needed

For photographers our jobs are very important to us and our clients. We have to have people that will complete the task assigned to them no matter what. When you’re booked for an assignment you are it. We may not have a substitute for that day so if you don’t show up the event doesn’t get done. Then you have one mad client and boss. This is not a job for people that call in sick or can’t be on time.

Our minimum equipment requirements for still work is a DSLR with a dedicated flash, and good glass. For video work at golf tournaments you must have a camcorder capable of capturing stills from the video and storing them on a removable memory card, a laptop, and a printer. The printer we may be able to loan to you if one is available.  We also hire videographers for other events where all you would need is an HD camera/DSLR, tripod, and microphone.  Preferably an RF lavaliere mic.

If you meet these requirements we would love to talk to you. Feel free to call us at 214-327-2526 if you have any questions about a position or forward your resume to alan@blakephoto.com.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Blake Photography

Blake Photography