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Catch Your Favorite Athlete In Action Shots

We have a great team of sports photographers to capture all the exciting moments of the game.  We have experience in virtually all sports so we won’t be out there just “winging” it.

For only $400, we will photograph the complete game, up to 2 hours, and upload all cropped high resolution photos for free downloads.  Keep in mind if you play 60 minutes on the clock with breaks between quarters or halves it may take close to 2 hours to shoot your game.  We also arrive early to get shots during warmups.  We don’t want to miss any opportunities to capture your favorite athlete.

If you have 15 kids on the team that’s roughly $25 each for some great memories.

If you need team and individual photos look no further.  We’ve got you covered.  Check out our great affordable packages.  2021 Team Price List.  We have fantastic up to date products and designs.  There is only a $50 charge to come out for one team.  No charge if two or more teams.  We can do this at a practice or before a game whichever works best for your team.  We’ll even throw in an 8×10 plaque for your sponsor or coach.


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We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Blake Photography

Blake Photography